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Canadian Certified Counsellor 
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Victoria Counsellor Bobbi Levesque
Inspiration - Family Movie Inside Out reminds us that feelings are important even if uncomfortable.
A Feel-Good Movie with Meaning


I LOVE this movie!  What a great lesson in the value of emotions.  In a world where there seems to be so much pressure to have it all together, this movie reminds us all that life is meant to be felt and that ALL feelings have an important role to play in our lives.  Not just for kids, this movie sends a strong message to adults as well that all of our feelings, even uncomfortable ones, have an important purpose, value and function.  If we try to stuff them away, they seem to find a way to the surface anyway, popping out on us in unpredictable ways, keeping us from soaking in the joy around us, and having us miss out on experiencing the healing we need by sharing our struggle with our loved ones.   Bravo Disney!   


The Power of Vulnerability 


I'm a big fan of Brené Brown and just had to share this fabulous Ted talk she gives on the power of vulnerability.  Check it out and learn about her story, her research, and hear how these key ideas can impact your life too.  

Counselling Inspiration - Remember to be Kind to you too!
Treat Yourself With Kindness


Have you ever found yourself being super compassionate to someone else but then when you find yourself in a similar predicament, you give yourself the self judgement or "suck it up" treatment?  We've all done it....and guess doesn't help!  Treat yourself today with words of kindness to you.  Try it!  We all need compassion and understanding and it starts with us.  What have you got to loose?  

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