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Canadian Certified Counsellor 
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Victoria Counsellor Bobbi Levesque
Victoria Counsellor, Bobbi Levesque
"I see the world as an amazing place and
it is my belief that everyone I meet has something unique to contribute. 

Helping individuals create extraordinary lives
out of what seems chaotic, I see as a worthwhile challenge and a great life endeavour. "

~ Bobbi Levesque

If you are thinking of connecting with a counsellor, I encourage you to give me a call.  Sometimes we find ourselves seeking a safe place to look at our life and the things that trouble us with someone who knows how to help.  I would like to offer this to you.  I am warm, engaging, and understanding.  I will work with you to address the challenges you are facing.


I am both a Registered Clinicial Counsellor and a Canadian Certified Counsellor with a Masters in Counselling Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Vancouver.  I have a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology undergraduate degree from the University of the Fraser Valley.

Everyone needs somewhere they can talk freely about challenges, where there is confidentiality, safety and acceptance.  We need a relationship free of judgement and full of compassion and care in order to be able to look inside ourselves.  My approach is based on a strong belief in bringing unconditional acceptance to my clients wherever they are in the journey of their life.

An empathic and insightful counsellor, I am passionate about helping, developing, and inspiring people.  While you are the expert in your life, I share years of education and an expertise in helping.  Together, we will create a personalized plan that will address your unique challenges.  With a constant emphasis on practical application, I will share with you strategies that work. I will empower you so that you will have what you need to navigate the twists and turns of life. 


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