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Canadian Certified Counsellor 
Registered Clinical Counsellor


In-Person sessions are available *indoors or in the garden gazebo

My caseload is currently full. Please check back later.

Victoria Counsellor Bobbi Levesque
What to Expect

Thinking about trying counselling but are not really sure what it will be like? Are you wondering about how counselling has adapted with safety considerations for Covid-19?  

I invite you to my beautiful garden gazebo in Brentwood Bay, an inviting space where you can get comfy and sit back to talk.  There is enough room to allow for appropriate distancing and fresh air circulation.  The gazebo is heated for cooler days.  There is a washroom available if needed. 


I look forward to
meeting with you in
my regular office as
soon as it is
safe again to do so. 

To start our session,  I will answer any questions you have and take care of necessary paperwork.  I will then invite you to tell me about what has brought you in and what you are wanting to explore, address, or change.  We will consider what you hope to gain through the therapeutic process and collaborate on personal and practical goals.  I will work to create an experience for you that is as comfortable as possible.  

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Individual Counselling........................... $135.00

Couples Therapy.................................... $150.00

Family Therapy....................................... $150.00


Fees for sessions are not covered by provincial health programs such as MSP.  


Check with your (and your partner's) extended health care provider as you may be covered for a portion of your counselling fees.  As every plan is different, I recommend you research both the type of provider (eg. Registered Clinical Counsellor) and the amount your provider will cover, before you begin counselling. 

Payments are accepted by E-Transfer or Credit Card.  Receipts can

be submitted to

your provider for





3 Ways to Connect

Face to Face, by Phone, or Online

                       Meeting in person is one way                                 to engage in counselling but not                             the only way.  I am also available                              by phone and online.  There are                              many reasons why an online or                               phone session may work better                   for you.  

                                           If you...

  • Live in another city or geographic area

  • Are frequently out of town on business 

  • Live in a small town without resources

  • Are not well enough to leave your home

  • Have concerns with contact and Covid-19

  • Like the convenience


...then ask me if an online or phone session is a suitable option for you.

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